Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing

September 15, 2022

E Commerce Integration in Network Marketing

Ecommerce is a huge industry with explosive growth potential. According to a recent eMarketer report, global e-commerce sales will reach $4 trillion by 2020, accounting for 14.6% of total retail spending. In the United States, the average household spent $5,200 online last year, up 50 percent from five years ago. With the growth of e-Commerce, […]

May 1, 2019

How Positive Communication Maximizes Business Success

Positive communication is the key to business success. Businesses that fail to practice effective communication strategies will find that it negatively affects every other aspect of their business, including customer success and employee retention. The following five strategies are communication methods employers can use to better achieve business success. 1. Welcome New Employees to Make […]

December 22, 2017

When Is It Time to Move Your SEO Campaign from In-House to an Agency?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now an important part-and-parcel of any online marketing campaign. It used to be optional to integrate SEO into any website, but today, it is now mandatory for every business to learn the ropes if they want to succeed online. For companies who do not have the capability to implement an […]

November 5, 2017

SEO for property management success

Most property management companies rely on traditional means of gaining new clientele. Those means typically comprise print advertising and referrals from tenants and landlords. These methods have its value, but there are newer methods, like search engine optimization (SEO) that have just as much if not more value in today’s world. The job of a property […]

October 26, 2017

The Importance of SEO to Car Accident Lawyers

With all of the competition out there, it’s easy to see why so many car accident attorneys are having problems in the workplace and it’s even more prevalent on the world wide web. In our experience, a city like Calgary, Alberta seems to have so many car accident lawyers all battling to get clients offline and online. […]

September 4, 2017

How to develop a marketing strategy that keeps up with the technology

  It’s no secret that social media is used nowadays to create beautiful marketing masterpieces. Notable companies across the web have turned to social media to market their brand, increase sales, and grow the community surrounding their products.   The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others has gone mainstream. Nowadays, before news […]

July 4, 2017

Best Ways Your Old Blogs Can Generate New Leads

If you have been running your blog for a long time, it probably has a lot of old posts that don’t enjoy a lot of attention from the visitors. It’s a shame because they still might have some value. Are there any ways to bring them up to the surface again? Yes! In fact, a […]

June 25, 2017


Did you know the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s? Goldfish = 9 seconds. Human = 5 – 8 seconds. Your website has a lot to do in a short period of time. What is The 5-Second Rule for Marketing? Now before you debunk this by finishing the entire season of Stranger Things […]

June 17, 2017

SEO Tools To Make Your Search Console Data More Relevant

Google search data console is a fantastic option for the users as they can evaluate the performance of the website. In fact, the analytic data sections help to monitor the web traffic and also ascertain whether the keywords are optimized. Also, people can also access information related to Clicks and CTRs at the query and […]

May 5, 2017

Secrets of using display boards in brand marketing

The marketing realm is always on a constant journey to better brand awareness strategies. From word of mouth referrals to print media and now digital marketing, the corporate world has come a long way in reaching out to the audience. In the recent days, brands have embraced the use of display boards. Yours should be […]