Stop Trying to Get on the First Page of Google

Why I Stopped Trying to Get on the First Page of Google and Started Thinking Outside the Box

When i started my first business – I knew I needed traffic, fast. It was all very well creating a great site with high-quality content – but I needed people to know about it if I wanted to start making money.

All the conventional wisdom at the time was that I needed to get my site ranked high on Google to start making a success of things. I had SEO companies trying to convince me that they were the right choice for me, and I must admit – I considered paying out 4 figure sums to get the job done.

But I slowly started to see that there might be another way. And I’d like to share what I did with you.

You see, after thinking about it long and hard – I started asking myself if there was another way. I knew Google was the biggest player in town – but was it the only player?

Here’s how I stopped trying to get on the first page of Google and started thinking outside of the box…

Why my Google ranking efforts were failing, and how it made me look for a different option

I’d actually been trying to rank for some quite competitive keywords – and I was having difficulty. While I did manage to get on the first page of Google – results didn’t last. I was at the whim of algorithm changes and lots of competition trying to beat me.

I actually managed to rank for a decent term and started getting some good traffic – but a few weeks later a competitor overtook me and I was bumped down to the second page. Research suggests that if you’re not on the first page of Goggle, you might as well be nowhere.

And that was only for the terms that I did manage to rank for. For others, no amount of backlinking and marketing efforts could make a dent on the first page.

How could my business be so at risk of simple changes? It simply wasn’t sustainable to build a successful brand on the back of something that could change so easily and have such a variable impact on my profits, so I started looking for an alternative.

How other search engines can still get you traffic

While Google is obviously massive – you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the only search engine. It’s not.

77% is a big slice of the pie – but there’s still some leftovers. I started looking at promoting my site on sites like Bing and Yahoo. While I obviously didn’t get as much traffic as I could from Google, they were much easier to rank for as most SEO is based on the biggest search engine. I’m not sure my business could have been hugely successful with traffic that was only from Bing – but it was a good place to start and still gives me some decent traffic.

Social media could help you bypass search engines altogether

You don’t only need to get traffic from search engines. There are actually other sources – especially social media. I was first starting to promote my business when social media was just starting to take off – so I jumped on the bandwagon at the right time. But social media is a hugely effective marketing tool for your business. It was for mine, and it can be for yours.

You see, people now want to be connected to brands and they’re easier to market to than ever before. If you can get someone to follow you, they’re not only opening up a two-way communication channel with you, but they’re also promoting you to their friends and extended networks. If you can create sharable content, they’ll do the marketing legwork for you.

Growing an active and effective social media presence could help drive loads of traffic to your main site, just like it did for me.

Creating great content is a cornerstone of a successful online business

You can’t trick people to come to your site with poor quality content anymore. Even if you can to start with, they wont come back. The cornerstone of any successful business these days is great quality content. Not only does entertaining and informative content get shared for you on social media, it’s also more easy to promote on other channels.

I actually struck up a few relationships with other authoritative sites in my niche on a content syndication basis. I only could have done this with great quality content, as they didn’t accept everything.

Now – a lot of people do this sort of thing only for backlinks. While it is a great source of link-juice – that’s not all it’s good for. I actually got plenty of direct hits from people who liked my articles on my syndication partner’s sites. That completely bypassed the need for search engines altogether – and it was relevant, targeted traffic that was already interested in what I had to say.

Why I started taking my promotion efforts to the streets in an attempt to get more business

When I realised how much there was out there for my business if I stopped wasting time trying to get on Google, I couldn’t stop coming up with other new ideas to promote my business. One area many online businesses ignore is promotion in their local area. I knew that online had global reach, but I also knew that local gave me a few advantages.

Firstly, people feel more loyal to a business they know is local, so I used that to my advantage. I also made sure I was as active and visible in my local area as possible. I handed out flyers in busy areas – I went door-to-door with leaflets, I attended local networking meetings and charity events. I made sure that I was the go-to local provider for my niche.

One great thing about promoting your business like this is you get to people who might never have heard of your business or solution or idea before. If you’re in the internet marketing niche – a lot of the time, you’ll be pitching your ideas at the same sort of people. People who have seen stuff like that before. If you can get external people to come in to your idea, you could be much more likely to make a sale.


Other traffic sources

The important thing to point out was that I mostly needed free traffic. My business simply couldn’t afford to spend too much – so these tips really made sense. But if you want to spend money – there are even more options for promoting your site without ranking in Google. Paid traffic and advertising being two of the most popular. If you want to spend a little more to get ahead, you might want to look into the right advertising techniques.

These tips really worked for me – and they could for you. I know Google is important – and if you can rank successfully for your terms – great. But it’s not the only source of traffic for your business and you can still be successful without it.

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SEO Guide for Home Renovation Contractors: Get More Traffic for Your Website

Everyone wants to understand how SEO works these days.  We specify “these days” because the rules for SEO are continually changing.  Since Google has over 200 ranking factors that must be considered, it’s essential to keep up with these changes to rank well in Google searches.

Undoubtedly, if you own a home remodeling and landscaping business, you want to learn new ways to earn more money, get more traffic and stay ahead of the competition.  The best way to ensure this is to get the top spots in search engine results for your site’s relevant keywords.

Do you want to increase your website rankings?  We have tons of ways to help.  Follow the important tips below.  However, understand that the best way to accomplish this goal is to post the best content.  We didn’t include it on our list of tips because the top online home renovation and remodeling sites automatically provide the best content.

When relevant links are linking to your website, this tells Google that your site is credible and authentic.  Unfortunately, not all links are helpful links.  The more authoritative and relevant these links are, the better it makes your website look.

It’s also essential when local companies link with each other which spotlights local service areas for top search engines.  When it comes to SEO, opt to use a few high-quality links instead of millions of low-quality links.




Things to do to rank your website on google

Although there’s no way to control which websites link to your content, there are things that can be done to get more traffic to your home renovation and remodeling website.

  • Post good quality content. Remember that there aren’t steadfast rules when it comes to the length that each piece must be.  Shorter is not always bad, and longer is not always good.  Make sure that each post is the right length.  Don’t write fluff.
  • Post on social media sites to get more traffic.
  • Link to other good quality sites, so their website owners do the same for you.
  • Ask to write guest posts for other websites.
  • Get published in popular home renovation and remodeling online magazines.

2. Get Social

Now let’s get some things straight about posting on social media.  The number of followers that you have has nothing to do with how Google ranks your website; however, Bing does place value on social media interaction.  It was once important to Google as well, but it no longer impacts Google’s ranking algorithm.

But it is still important to interact with social media sites because the top search engines regularly crawl them.  So, if someone does a search on one of these sites for keywords such as “home renovation,” or “remodeling,” you should have a Facebook page or Twitter account that is optimized for these words.  If you’re lucky, your website will show up in the top search results for these keywords which is why SEO is crucial for home renovation and remodeling websites.

3. Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs ensure that searchers can get back to your site’s homepage once they’ve viewed other pages on your website.  Using breadcrumbs is beneficial because viewers can move deeply through your website and improve your SEO bounce rate.  In addition to helping visitors, breadcrumbs improve your website by:

  • Highlighting keywords on various pages and showing how web pages are related to one another.
  • Improving the content hierarchy of your site, which is also known as the internal linking structure.

4. Use SEO Optimized Post Titles

Make sure that each post title is optimized for search engines, but do not keyword stuff.  Your website will be penalized if you keyword stuff.  Most importantly, the keywords that you want to rank for will be diluted and lose importance. Make sure that your title has an SEO optimized title, but also ensure that the keyword is included in the content post.

Also, optimize keywords for search engines, but make sure they are readable for your website visitors.  All post titles show up in online search results.  If they seem too optimized, online searchers will not click on them which means that your site will never rank highly, and it may also be penalized in the process.

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twitter social media marketing

Eliminate fears of using Twitter

Twitter is renowned for its ability to deliver breaking news, witty commentaries, and simply anything that is taking over the world. Moreover, it is also a good venue for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to showcase their respective brands. A recent study shows that Twitter users engage more (6.9 times) in online shopping than non-users (4.3 times a month).

The good news is that 69% of Twitter users who are also online shoppers buy from SMBs. This goes to show that the said social media channel helps in increasing sales. We all know that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram rise to fame and become the powerhouses of digital marketing. So, how does Twitter keep up with its keen competitors?

If the above-mentioned information is still insufficient, here are more points to dispel your fear and doubt about Twitter:

  • Open the nearest laptop or mobile phone that you have with Wi-Fi connection

  • Go to

  • Click ‘Sign Up’ and fill out the necessary information

  • Go write your first tweet

…because really, your business can benefit in various ways from this social media channel. Here are ways on how to kick-start online marketing for your brand:

Target a wider range of audience

Twitter caters to people who love messaging, hence the limitation in characters. As time revolves, users tend to consult Twitter to get updated on the latest happenings, may it be local or international. Twitter follower service enables you to meet prospect clients!

This social media platform also houses explosive breaking news! It is best to get back-to-back to such important news because you might attract those attentive eyes lurking on Twitter! Exposing your brand or service to a wider range of audience increases the possibility of getting new clients.

Do not be daunted by the 140-character limit

According to William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, “When a sentence is made stronger, it usually becomes shorter. Thus, brevity is the by-product of vigor.” Writing in a concise manner will give your readers a breakthrough because they can easily grasp the entirety of your content in a short period of time.

If you have to convey a message longer than 140 characters, you can go write a blog and link it on your Twitter. Alternatively, you can curate a thread of tweets by simply clicking the ‘reply’ button on your first tweet. In this way, other users can track your series of tweets chronologically. It is a good way to relay longer posts if necessary. Gain real Twitter followers free by defying the character limit by curating witty posts!

Use creative hashtags

One of Twitter’s breakthrough is the curation and popularity that hashtags achieved. Hashtags or HTs have been truly revolutionary as it functions as a sort of hyperlink that can redirect you to a pool of similar and shared interests online.

HTs also give birth to the term ‘trending’ in an online context. A certain HT becomes trending when they reach a certain number or sometimes a whopping number of tweets that reach millions! It is important to come up with creative HTs that talk about your business. This way, you can gain thousands of Twitter followers and people will remember you easily.

social media hashtags

How do your business benefit from Twitter?

As mentioned earlier, real Twitter followers also make up the huge chunk of online shoppers. So, using Twitter as a channel to reach those people will lead to an increase in sales and profit. If you have the knack of presenting your business in a creative manner, you will surely capture the attention of real Twitter followers.

Aside from the boost in sales, your brand or business will have a wider reach and scope as compared to a conventional business. You transcend the physical shops when you engage online actively. Using Twitter as a venue for this venture will surely bear your business more profit. Do not let fear and doubt hinder the full potential of your business. Let Twitter help you reach greater heights!

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marketing using instagram

Why everyone loves Instagram

In this generation, people are very fascinated with technology, more so with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and much more. Today, everyone seems to be so hooked on their smartphones or iPhones. You can see almost everyone always logging into their social media accounts just to post about anything they want to show their friends or even strangers. It is undeniable that Facebook has achieved success massively. And now, Instagram is continuing to innovate and reaching out to more people. An official Instagram page of an individual or business aims to get real Instagram followers. This means real people with Instagram accounts and not just trolls.

Instagram followers are there basically for these five reasons:

Instagram displays excellent photos.

Nowadays, people love capturing photographs of just about anything and anywhere. This is not just to show off to friends. Somehow, it also brings out the creativity of a person. Most people love seeing beautiful pictures of food or places and wish they could experience the same. Photography is also becoming a new hobby for many people. A good image of a product also speaks a thousand words and could signal boosting of sales in the market.

kelowna seo instagram


Instagram tells a story.

Just by merely looking at the photos, you can sense that it is telling you an incredible story. Instagram is also a place for bloggers to showcase the stories they want to tell the world. Because of the story, Instagram followers are expected to grow. Instagram is not just a place for trolling around. You cannot just buy Instagram daily likes just to show that you have a significant number of real Instagram followers; you have to creatively share inspiring stories that will help you get more followers and likes.

Instagram is fun.

What is Instagram without having fun? Of course, followers won’t stay long if they do not experience the fun and excitement of what Instagram has to offer. Also, it’s not only about the photos; Instagram has also made video uploading easier. Plus, you get to use Instagram Live video! Who could ignore direct messaging? This allows a faster interactive way of making friends online. Now, the newest addition to Instagram’s features is the ability to save the photos that you’ve liked. It’s about time!

Instagram has a great potential as a business tool.

Aside from a website, businesses need social media pages to engage the audience. If your business is not on the internet, you are nothing. This sentence is now becoming a fact because of how social media influences the people, especially on Instagram. Lately, videos have been one of the best modes of marketing for businesses. It pays to increase views on Instagram videos found in your business’ Instagram account. Moreover, advertisements on televisions are also being shown on Instagram to promote products to more people. Today, people use social media more often than turning on the TV.

Instagram is free.

Who wouldn’t want anything for free? Instagram is readily available and can be installed immediately on your smartphones. There are no premium fees to be collected from a user. However, business owners need to pay for their advertisements in reaching more people who are not their followers yet. This is one way of getting more followers to follow your page. As a follower, you become a targeted audience of business owners, so don’t get annoyed with the ads that are appearing while you’re scrolling down Instagram.

The influence of social media especially Instagram has grown over the years. This is why people resort to buying Instagram daily likes. More people get acquainted with each other through their accounts. This is a good way to building relationships not only personal but business relationships, too. The power of Instagram is affecting businesses and is giving small business owners a chance to achieve tremendous success.


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How Facebook Ads Can Make Your Small Business Successful


Are you planning to adopt a Facebook advertising campaign for your small business?

Before you get started, there are certain things you need to consider. The first thing is setting the objectives and goals of advertising on Facebook. Are you looking to generate more traffic to your website, increase brand exposure, get more leads, or simply get more fans to like your business page?

Today, Facebook boasts more than 400 million users and this number is growing each day. Facebook ads platform is worth exploring; the tool allows you to place your ads in the right sidebar of the Facebook pages and profiles. Once you have chosen your goal, you can then begin developing a successful social media marketing strategy. Like many other things, setting up and running a successful Facebook ads campaign is not an easy task.


Here are a few steps and tips to consider as you create your Facebook advertising campaign:


This is the first step – choosing the destination for your ads. The destination is the landing page visited by the people after clicking on your ad. It can be a specific post, your website, your company page, event, or application. The application destination is only relevant if you have created a custom application for your business on Facebook.


Next, you simply choose what you want to promote. You can promote your company page, a specific post, a new ad about your company, or stories about friends liking your page. If your goal is to generate new likes and traffic to your page, then choose to promote your page or a specific post on the page. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website or get new leads then choosing a landing page on your website will be the best way to achieve these results.


What People Will See

This is the third step in your setup process – choosing what type of ad your audience will see. Following are the options for your ad creative based on what you decide to promote:

A new ad about your page, stories about friends liking your page, a post on your page, external URL, etc.

If you decide to make your own ad, you need to have the following materials: headline, text, and image. In order to create the most successful ad, I suggest creating a few variations of the ad to test out your messaging and images to develop.

Choosing An Audience

Choosing the target audience for your ad campaign is extremely important to determining the success of your campaign. If you develop an audience that is too broad, we’ve found that your ads are rarely shown. It is usually best to set up very targeted ad groups to achieve the best results, the more specific the audience, the better you can tailor your advertising message.


Campaign and Budget

After your ad and audience are finalized the last steps are to name the campaign, set the budget, and schedule the campaign. We suggest choosing the Cost Per Click (CPC) option for pricing, so you only get charged when people click on the ads.

Pro Tips

To copy an existing ad simply click on the name of the ad and click on “create a similar ad” at the bottom of the ad preview.

Set up weekly performance monitoring to see which ads are doing the best. Use this information to pause weak ads, or to develop better ads.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ad variations or your target audience.

If you are running ads to promote your page or posts, then check out the Insights tab on your company page to see just how many new likes or activities are from your sponsored ads.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke foremost SEO and Social Media expert at Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing  250-575-1527