Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing



Kelowna based Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing is the result of a company that has been developing steadily ever since founder Aaron Gruenke first started with his own online businesses back in 2006.


Wildfire Seo and Internet Marketing is founded by Aaron Gruenke who is a highly successful entrepreneur who has developed his skills in SEO and Internet Marketing thru his own successes and failures over the last 11yrs to become a powerhouse in the Internet world with several successful Ecommerce stores and other niche websites that dominate the market and has proven his worth and applies his internet knowledge to his own websites and is now offering SEO, Webdesign, and other internet marketing services to a small group of individuals. Aaron does not just talk to the talk but he really walks the walk and can back up his work with proof of results and guarantees your success as well!

Our Philosophy is to not just say we can do something. We believe in proof. And we are using the same system to rank our own websites in very competitive niches as we do our clients websites and bring them traffic that converts. So we are not just internet SEO marketers making empty promises. Just as our Name suggests, we truly get the word out about your business and spread it Like “WILDFIRE” . We are SEO and Organic traffic experts.