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How to develop a marketing strategy that keeps up with the technology


It’s no secret that social media is used nowadays to create beautiful marketing masterpieces. Notable companies across the web have turned to social media to market their brand, increase sales, and grow the community surrounding their products.


The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others has gone mainstream. Nowadays, before news becomes news, it is being discussed on social media. The sooner you become part of the conversation, the better chances you have to influence public perception.




How do I develop a marketing strategy that is on par with latest technologies?

In the past, if a customer issued a complaint, not taking action or completely ignoring it didn’t have any effect on your bottom line because complaints couldn’t be measured. In today’s digital age, social media fosters a transparent conversation between customers and brands.

But tweeting and sharing is not enough to make your business go global. Brands should focus more on a key piece of the social media puzzle: social media management. Brands need social media management to establish brand authority and develop stellar digital marketing strategies. Otherwise they won’t be able to track and use data that is relevant to their client base.


Social media management – a fundamental aspect of your marketing strategy


Tracking keywords all on your own is the best thing you can do to locate controlled target groups in a convenient and efficient way. As you go deeper into managing social media, you’ll learn what techniques match with your business mantra, and what techniques should be avoided. Keep an eye on your core goals, and work your way to:


  • Generate leads
  • Build brand awareness with analytics
  • Track brand mentions
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Increase ROI


Once you’ve clearly outlined the concepts mentioned above, the next step is to use the data collected to design a strategy. How often do you get notifications with mentions about your brand on Facebook or Twitter? We know that feels amazing, but did you know that many people forget to add the “@” when posting on social media?


Without the “@” you will be missing out on a lot of conversations that are directly linked to your business. To avoid that from happening, you need to hone your current approach.



Learn what works and what doesn’t when developing a marketing strategy


If you don’t pay attention to the growth of your brand, and treat it as a core performance indicator, you can’t know for sure what clicks and what doesn’t. If the goal is to gather people and keep them around, you must become their go-to guy in the field.


How do you do that? With the help of top-notch content! Marketing done successfully is all about targeting the right people and offer them the right product. The exact same thing applies to content. Praising your product and shouting out loud that it’s the best is not enough to grab their attention.


Address a problem each time you craft a piece of content, and enter the minds of your prospects to understand their core needs. But if mind-reading is not exactly your thing, use metrics and analytics to make things easier. Start by assessing the market (amount of people) and intelligence (content) active on social media. It will help you profile your prospects, so that you can ultimately have a targeted audience.




Leverage technology and use to your advantage


Begin by admitting that there’s a gap between utilization and availability. Marketers often don’t realize that some barriers don’t allow them to attain marketing technology goals. Almost all B2Cs admit that the main impediment to success for brand is lack of technological integration. Only 37% know what they’re doing.


Both the IT department of your company and your marketing team should work together; they should be in alignment and collaborate efficiently to spot needs; so that they can cater to them, and come up with a goal; and ultimately with a solution. If you’re having issues understanding how marketing is done right these days, a web agency based in London may provide you with some assistance. It’s always better to get help than end up incapable of living up to the competition.



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