When Is It Time to Move Your SEO Campaign from In-House to an Agency?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now an important part-and-parcel of any online marketing campaign. It used to be optional to integrate SEO into any website, but today, it is now mandatory for every business to learn the ropes if they want to succeed online. For companies who do not have the capability to implement an SEO campaign, they hire an SEO services agency to do the marketing tasks for them.


Every company’s website serves as its business card online. Therefore, having a professional and clean site is now very important more than ever. You don’t want to be publishing a business site that has .wordpress or .blogspot attached to your domain name. And you also don’t want to be posting incorrect information on your website. You must take care of your site as much as you take care of your brand’s integrity, so be willing to invest time and resources on your website.


We all know that great SEO tactics produce excellent results for your business. But SEO campaigns being costly cannot be discounted, with SEO taking a big chunk of every advertising budget. And what’s important to note is this marketing strategy does not require only a one-time fee. You must have a monthly budget to fund it which can take from at least six months to years, however long you want the strategy to work. It is crucial to note that SEO rules change all the time, so if you want to be successful at it, it must be an everyday effort to implement your strategies. No short-term SEO campaigns work out; you have to devote some months to see a difference.


An SEO campaign can be costly in terms of time and resources, this information we know of. However, the cost should not stop you from applying it to your brand. You may be thinking about building an in-house SEO team or going with an agency. Each one has a strength and weakness, and your decision must be in line with your goals and budget available. The critical consideration here is for you to reach your goal, and for your choice to be able to deliver the results that you expect.


If you are still torn between going for an in-house team or agency, here are some considerations that can guide you:

 Here are some Questions you should ask yourself before making the decision to do the SEO work in house or Contract an SEO agency to do it.

  1. How long do you want the campaign to go for?


If you have been thinking of just trying it out, you may want to go with an agency’s shortest plan possible just to see what it’s like. It is a better option than for you to put together a team employed by your company because it will end up more expensive. You are not even sure of what to do, and then you build a new staffing division. Before you do anything long-term, test the waters first.


If you intend to have an SEO marketing campaign for as long as your company needs it, it is best to do it in-house if you get a good team that can accomplish the job. Otherwise, you can go on a long-term partnership with an SEO agency and then you can agree on a more affordable package compared to what’s offered on a retail basis.


  1. How much is your budget?


Going in-house is more affordable compared to hiring an agency for your SEO marketing campaign. An in-house team saves you money because you can do a monthly budget with your staff’s salaries already in place. With a good SEO agency, it ends up being more expensive because you have to hire a group of professionals who can deliver what they promise. But if you are after results, it would be better to go with a top-ranked agency. It can be costly, but you will see the results you are looking for.


Choosing between an in-house team or agency for your SEO marketing will be based on your goals and budget. Test the waters first before going for an SEO campaign because it can take a big chunk of your advertising budget.


About The Author

Jason Berkowitz

Since 2010, Jason has been making moves for the SEO industry in New York City. An advanced digital marketing specialist and CEO of two very successful marketing agencies, SEO Services New York & Break The Web, Jason utilizes out-of-the-norm strategies to provide tangible results online. Jason has been featured in Business.com, Social Media Today, CareerBuilder & more.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonberkowitzseo



Stop Trying to Get on the First Page of Google

Why I Stopped Trying to Get on the First Page of Google and Started Thinking Outside the Box

When i started my first business – I knew I needed traffic, fast. It was all very well creating a great site with high-quality content – but I needed people to know about it if I wanted to start making money.

All the conventional wisdom at the time was that I needed to get my site ranked high on Google to start making a success of things. I had SEO companies trying to convince me that they were the right choice for me, and I must admit – I considered paying out 4 figure sums to get the job done.

But I slowly started to see that there might be another way. And I’d like to share what I did with you.

You see, after thinking about it long and hard – I started asking myself if there was another way. I knew Google was the biggest player in town – but was it the only player?

Here’s how I stopped trying to get on the first page of Google and started thinking outside of the box…

Why my Google ranking efforts were failing, and how it made me look for a different option

I’d actually been trying to rank for some quite competitive keywords – and I was having difficulty. While I did manage to get on the first page of Google – results didn’t last. I was at the whim of algorithm changes and lots of competition trying to beat me.

I actually managed to rank for a decent term and started getting some good traffic – but a few weeks later a competitor overtook me and I was bumped down to the second page. Research suggests that if you’re not on the first page of Goggle, you might as well be nowhere.

And that was only for the terms that I did manage to rank for. For others, no amount of backlinking and marketing efforts could make a dent on the first page.

How could my business be so at risk of simple changes? It simply wasn’t sustainable to build a successful brand on the back of something that could change so easily and have such a variable impact on my profits, so I started looking for an alternative.

How other search engines can still get you traffic

While Google is obviously massive – you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the only search engine. It’s not.

77% is a big slice of the pie – but there’s still some leftovers. I started looking at promoting my site on sites like Bing and Yahoo. While I obviously didn’t get as much traffic as I could from Google, they were much easier to rank for as most SEO is based on the biggest search engine. I’m not sure my business could have been hugely successful with traffic that was only from Bing – but it was a good place to start and still gives me some decent traffic.
Source: http://www.smartinsights.com/search-engine-marketing/search-engine-statistics/

Social media could help you bypass search engines altogether

You don’t only need to get traffic from search engines. There are actually other sources – especially social media. I was first starting to promote my business when social media was just starting to take off – so I jumped on the bandwagon at the right time. But social media is a hugely effective marketing tool for your business. It was for mine, and it can be for yours.

You see, people now want to be connected to brands and they’re easier to market to than ever before. If you can get someone to follow you, they’re not only opening up a two-way communication channel with you, but they’re also promoting you to their friends and extended networks. If you can create sharable content, they’ll do the marketing legwork for you.

Growing an active and effective social media presence could help drive loads of traffic to your main site, just like it did for me.

Creating great content is a cornerstone of a successful online business

You can’t trick people to come to your site with poor quality content anymore. Even if you can to start with, they wont come back. The cornerstone of any successful business these days is great quality content. Not only does entertaining and informative content get shared for you on social media, it’s also more easy to promote on other channels.

I actually struck up a few relationships with other authoritative sites in my niche on a content syndication basis. I only could have done this with great quality content, as they didn’t accept everything.

Now – a lot of people do this sort of thing only for backlinks. While it is a great source of link-juice – that’s not all it’s good for. I actually got plenty of direct hits from people who liked my articles on my syndication partner’s sites. That completely bypassed the need for search engines altogether – and it was relevant, targeted traffic that was already interested in what I had to say.

Why I started taking my promotion efforts to the streets in an attempt to get more business

When I realised how much there was out there for my business if I stopped wasting time trying to get on Google, I couldn’t stop coming up with other new ideas to promote my business. One area many online businesses ignore is promotion in their local area. I knew that online had global reach, but I also knew that local gave me a few advantages.

Firstly, people feel more loyal to a business they know is local, so I used that to my advantage. I also made sure I was as active and visible in my local area as possible. I handed out flyers in busy areas – I went door-to-door with leaflets, I attended local networking meetings and charity events. I made sure that I was the go-to local provider for my niche.

One great thing about promoting your business like this is you get to people who might never have heard of your business or solution or idea before. If you’re in the internet marketing niche – a lot of the time, you’ll be pitching your ideas at the same sort of people. People who have seen stuff like that before. If you can get external people to come in to your idea, you could be much more likely to make a sale.


Other traffic sources

The important thing to point out was that I mostly needed free traffic. My business simply couldn’t afford to spend too much – so these tips really made sense. But if you want to spend money – there are even more options for promoting your site without ranking in Google. Paid traffic and advertising being two of the most popular. If you want to spend a little more to get ahead, you might want to look into the right advertising techniques.

These tips really worked for me – and they could for you. I know Google is important – and if you can rank successfully for your terms – great. But it’s not the only source of traffic for your business and you can still be successful without it.

About the author

Peter Ellington has years of experience writing about internet marketing and really enjoys sharing his knowledge. He knows how important a business education can be, that’s why he also writes for https://smiletutor.sg.

Roofer SEO

Better SEO For Roofers: A Brief Guide to Choosing Roofing Keywords

As a roofing business, you must optimize your site with proper keywords for better rankings in Google. Finding keywords for your website is especially true if you’re not working with an SEO service. Then you must know how to do your keyword research.


Finding Keywords for Your SEO

Start off by doing a little planning. Here you’ll want to write down all the services you offer including roof repair, metal roofing, torch-on roofing, and commercial roofing for instance. Also, determine who your primary target service area is, but keep it simple and realistic. Think about your address and the city you’re in. Your goal is optimizing a page for each service and location.

Once you’re armed with your list of words and locations, head over to Google’s keyword planner at https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner. You’ll want to enter each of your keywords and phrases here. Make sure you change the location around with each of these. This way you’ll have multiple combinations of the same phrases – some with your address and others with the city’s name. Spend time scrolling through the list looking at what the most buyer-oriented keywords are based on search volume. Make sure each of them has at least 10 per month. Make a list of these keywords for yourself.

Add Your Keywords to Your Content

Now that you have a list of all your keywords it’s time you work them into your content, so you get better Google rankings. Getting your keywords into your content is where the real magic happens. You’ll want to create a different page for each of these keywords. Make sure you don’t overuse the keywords too as this is keyword stuffing, a practice Google frowns on. You only want to use the keywords on the service page they’re relevant to. As you do so, make sure you combine them with city phrases too. For instance, if you have the keyword phrase “best roofing company” and you’re in Vancouver, add the H tag and the phrase “Why we are the Best Roofing Company in Vancouver.”

Here you’ve learned how to find keywords. Optimization is another process in and of itself. However, you don’t want to rush into learning everything all at once. SEO is a process that takes time.

If your roofing company’s website needs help being found online, talk to the roofing SEO experts at Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing today.


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SEO Guide for Home Renovation Contractors: Get More Traffic for Your Website

Everyone wants to understand how SEO works these days.  We specify “these days” because the rules for SEO are continually changing.  Since Google has over 200 ranking factors that must be considered, it’s essential to keep up with these changes to rank well in Google searches.

Undoubtedly, if you own a home remodeling and landscaping business, you want to learn new ways to earn more money, get more traffic and stay ahead of the competition.  The best way to ensure this is to get the top spots in search engine results for your site’s relevant keywords.

Do you want to increase your website rankings?  We have tons of ways to help.  Follow the important tips below.  However, understand that the best way to accomplish this goal is to post the best content.  We didn’t include it on our list of tips because the top online home renovation and remodeling sites automatically provide the best content.

When relevant links are linking to your website, this tells Google that your site is credible and authentic.  Unfortunately, not all links are helpful links.  The more authoritative and relevant these links are, the better it makes your website look.

It’s also essential when local companies link with each other which spotlights local service areas for top search engines.  When it comes to SEO, opt to use a few high-quality links instead of millions of low-quality links.




Things to do to rank your website on google

Although there’s no way to control which websites link to your content, there are things that can be done to get more traffic to your home renovation and remodeling website.

  • Post good quality content. Remember that there aren’t steadfast rules when it comes to the length that each piece must be.  Shorter is not always bad, and longer is not always good.  Make sure that each post is the right length.  Don’t write fluff.
  • Post on social media sites to get more traffic.
  • Link to other good quality sites, so their website owners do the same for you.
  • Ask to write guest posts for other websites.
  • Get published in popular home renovation and remodeling online magazines.

2. Get Social

Now let’s get some things straight about posting on social media.  The number of followers that you have has nothing to do with how Google ranks your website; however, Bing does place value on social media interaction.  It was once important to Google as well, but it no longer impacts Google’s ranking algorithm.

But it is still important to interact with social media sites because the top search engines regularly crawl them.  So, if someone does a search on one of these sites for keywords such as “home renovation,” or “remodeling,” you should have a Facebook page or Twitter account that is optimized for these words.  If you’re lucky, your website will show up in the top search results for these keywords which is why SEO is crucial for home renovation and remodeling websites.

3. Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs ensure that searchers can get back to your site’s homepage once they’ve viewed other pages on your website.  Using breadcrumbs is beneficial because viewers can move deeply through your website and improve your SEO bounce rate.  In addition to helping visitors, breadcrumbs improve your website by:

  • Highlighting keywords on various pages and showing how web pages are related to one another.
  • Improving the content hierarchy of your site, which is also known as the internal linking structure.

4. Use SEO Optimized Post Titles

Make sure that each post title is optimized for search engines, but do not keyword stuff.  Your website will be penalized if you keyword stuff.  Most importantly, the keywords that you want to rank for will be diluted and lose importance. Make sure that your title has an SEO optimized title, but also ensure that the keyword is included in the content post.

Also, optimize keywords for search engines, but make sure they are readable for your website visitors.  All post titles show up in online search results.  If they seem too optimized, online searchers will not click on them which means that your site will never rank highly, and it may also be penalized in the process.

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3 Basic Web Design Tricks to Skyrocket Your Conversions

Traffic is only as good as it CONVERTS into phone calls, sales, and revenue for your business. You can have the best website designed in the world, but if you cannot get your visitors to take action, you’re not going to be able to monetize the traffic.

In this article, we will discuss some basic and beginner-friendly tactics to ensure that people who visit your website get enough information to feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and call your business or fill out that Contact Form. This is mostly applicable to independent business owners who may have put up their site a while ago and have not seen tangible results from it yet.

Prominent Call to Action

Make sure your PHONE NUMBER is visible no matter where the visitor is on your site. An easy way to do this is to make it prominent in the top right corner of the site, visible on all pages along with your Navigation Menu. If your website does not have a prominent and clear call-to-action, ask your web design company to set one up as soon as possible.

Making it difficult for your customers to find your contact details is one of the biggest mistakes that beginner business owners make, especially when they haven’t had a professional consultation. For a customer to find their way to your Contact page just to find your number is big No-No!

You need to understand that your customers are going to be different kinds of people and at different places in the buying process. Some are going to want to call you right away and will get frustrated if they can’t find your number. Others won’t feel comfortable calling you just yet but might fill in a Contact Form to find out more. So, you also need to have a prominent secondary call-to-action to capture these leads.3-website-conversion-hacks

Add Trust and Credibility Elements

Understand that MOST people who come across your website DO NOT contact you. And think about why. Is it that they are just browsing for the services you provide and not really looking to buy? Or were they disappointed that the information on your site was not sufficient, so they went to look for someone else? Or perhaps you did have enough information, but they just didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t trust you yet?

All these are possibilities you must consider to improve your conversion rate. Think about the first impression that your site is giving to your visitors. If necessary, ask some people you know about how they feel when they first visit the site. It always helps to get a fresh visitor’s opinion on a site you might feel biased about as you may have put a lot of work into it.

Once you have a list of potential issues, think about how you can solve them on your site. For example, if trust is a factor, you can add some of your past client’s logo so convey that other businesses have trusted you. You can put up video testimonials as well.

If credibility and information is a problem, you can display some of well-known websites, magazines or newspapers that you have been featured in, put up photos of events you have spoken at or a video of a TV interview.

Harness Social Media to Humanize Your Business

Your website is the online representation of your business. But don’t forget that people feel most comfortable buying from other people, rather than websites. This is particularly true for B2B businesses and service-based businesses.

As a human, you can only be at one place at a time. But as a website, if you do it right, you can be in many places and always be operating! So don’t make the mistake of hiding behind your website. Instead, use it to ramp up your presence online, create and publish as much content as you can, and you will see your organic leads go through the roof!

Social media helps to accomplish exactly this. It tells your visitors that your business is active and current and values their customers enough to engage with them on social media platforms. You can embed your feed in the Sidebar of your website if it goes with the look of your site or you can simply.


SEO for property management success

Most property management companies rely on traditional means of gaining new clientele. Those means typically comprise print advertising and referrals from tenants and landlords. These methods have its value, but there are newer methods, like search engine optimization (SEO) that have just as much if not more value in today’s world.

The job of a property manager is a big one. Not only is it a responsibility to draw in new clientele, but it is also a responsibility to close on every deal. A property manager has to always think about meeting sales goals and consider the needs of the client while gaining their confidence. It is a big job that is possible using essential SEO techniques.


SEO is a way of essentially marketing your website in a way that makes it appear at the top of search engine results. There are several different strategies and techniques that you can employ to achieve search engine optimization. Considering how many people use the Internet to find a property to rent or buy, it is a set of techniques that no property management company can afford to ignore.

  1. Conduct Keyword Research
  2. Consider Local Traffic
  3. Optimize Entire Website
  4. Keep Websites Simple
  5. Use Social Media


Conduct Keyword Research

A keyword is a word or set of words that a person would enter into the search query of a search engine. When constructing a website, it is important to fill your website with content that features this keyword or keywords. To determine what word or words are best to use there are resources like Keyword Tool and Ubersuggest that will help. Use the words in descriptions or page titles on the website. Do not just awkwardly fill the site with random and repeated keywords not formulated in prose. Doing so can actually hurt your search rank.

Consider Local Traffic

Even though there is a worldwide reach on the Internet, a property manager needs to focus their reach in the immediate vicinity. It is crucial that people not located in the state, area, or region can find a website as there are long distance real estate transactions. However, the vast majority of the clientele for property management companies comes from the immediate vicinity. Choose keywords that are based on location. Examples of location-based words are the names of cities, towns, or neighborhoods. In many instances just listing the physical location of the management, office triggers a keyword in a search engine. Improve these chances by doubling up and adding a Google business page and account for your company.

Optimize Entire Website

It is not just the home page that is suitable for SEO. Every single page on a website can be optimized to bring legitimate and targeted traffic to a site. Every page has the ability to convert a visit into a client. There are several ways, specific to the purpose of each page, to accomplish SEO techniques.

  • Short URL – Make URL’s as short as possible. Make them unique yet easy to remember and understand. Describe the business in the URL if possible.
  • Use Heading Tags – These tags describe the purpose of the page to a search engine.
  • Use Page Titles – After the search engine determines the page heading tag is valid for the search, the page title is the description listed in the search results. Optimize the title with keywords that satisfy both algorithms and the user reading the description.

Keep Websites Simple


Simple does not mean boring or basic. Simple means that it is easy to use with little unnecessary images, text, or advertisements. A simple site that is straightforward and easy to use will encourage clients to use your service, and it will encourage search engine crawls. The crawls will create traffic, and the ease of use will convert that traffic into clientele.

Use Social Media

The use of social media in addition to website optimization is crucial for success in today’s market. It is easy for this to seem like an extra responsibility in addition to website optimization. The following techniques will prevent double work:

  • Link Platforms Connect all the social media platforms possible. Several social media sites facilitate this link allowing one post to be shared across several platforms.
  • Share Website Content There is no need to create content for both social media and websites. Create material that is suitable for all platforms.

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Seven Ways for Dentists to Improve SEO For there Websites

Dentists running their practices lead hectic lives, so it’s understandable if you have put off getting into SEO. However, SEO is vital for any modern business’s chances to succeed. Consumers are increasingly likely to use a search engine to help them locate a local dentist, so you could be losing out on a lot of potential patients without an optimization strategy. Here are seven tips that will help you improve your search engine performance:

1. Claim A Variety Of Local Listings

The first step in getting search engines to prioritize your business is to claim a local business listing on platforms such as Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. Search engines smile upon business owners who have filled out and verified their listing on these services, and doing so is 100 percent free of charge.

While you’re filling out your company’s information, it is essential to be both thorough and accurate. Be sure to update all of your listings if your phone number, address, or any other critical information changes.

2. Using Local Keywords

The average private dental practice has no chance of rating highly for extremely competitive search terms such as “dentist,” but thankfully you don’t need to. With Dental SEO Specialists Individuals almost always seek a dentist in their local city or neighborhood, meaning that it is good enough to rank well for “neighborhood name dentist .” For example, a dentist in Richmond, BC would be more interested in his ranking for “Richmond BC dentist” than he would be for “dentist” or even “BC dentist.”

It is important to remember local neighborhoods and alternative names when selecting your local keywords. For instance, the dentist above may need to rank highly for “dentist downtown Richmond BC” if he wants to attract patients just in the downtown area of Richmond, while a more specific listing such as “dentist Steveston” may appeal to a hyper-local prospective customer base. The best way to know which terms are essential for you is to see what your competitors are using.

3. Ask For Reviews


Positive reviews have the apparent benefit of reassuring prospective patients of your skills and reputation, but they can also boost your SEO. Positive reviews on sites such as Yelp feature prominently on Google as well, so they are read by many who would never visit the source site. Reviews posted on your local listing above are also extremely prominent, especially since Google’s search engine algorithm considers reviews for its rankings.

The best way to get a patient to leave a review is to just ask for one. Reviewers tend to stress the courtesy of your office staff and how long they had to wait before you could see them, so excel in these two areas if you want the most favorable reviews.

4. Inform The Public What You Do

It may be tempting to provide a link to your website and expect potential clients to visit it, but this does not always happen. Instead, try to include all of your information in every listing you have. Not only will this entice more people to visit your site, but it will also appeal to patients looking to limit the hassle on their end.

For example, a dentist with a specialty in pediatric dentistry should mention this fact in every online listing they can. This will help them rank well in searches for their area of specialization while simultaneously encouraging prospective clients to give them a closer look.

5. Ensure That Your Listings Are Consistent

Search engines are smart and getting smarter, but they’re still prone to dumb mistakes. For instance, if your NAP (name, address, phone number) information varies between listings, search engines assume that it is two or more separate practices! This is true even if the discrepancy is silly, such as writing out Avenue in your address on your website but shortening it to Ave. on Google My Business. Make sure that every listing is perfectly identical for the best SEO performance.

Another common problem for dentists is an inconsistent name. John P. Smith, DDS and Smith Dental Associates, Inc. could well be the same company, but search engines may not realize it. Pick one name and use it throughout your entire digital footprint.

6. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly


As more people browse the internet on a tablet, smartphone, or another device, it is becomingly increasingly important for your website to run well on these devices if you hope to secure their business. One easy way to do this is to ensure that the guts of your site use responsive design, guaranteeing that it automatically adjusts to any screen size. Click here to see a dentist’s site that is mobile-friendly.

It is also easy to test your page’s performance on mobile. Google offers a Mobile Friendly Test to give you a baseline of what customers can expect. You should also try to access your site using a variety of devices and internet browsers for firsthand knowledge of what prospective patients are experiencing.

7. Write A Blog

Finally, a blog is a great way to help Google’s algorithm find you. It loves content that updates or changes over time, so a site that lists only critical business information can start to feel stale. A maintained blog ensures that this never happens to your site, keeping it relevant indefinitely.


Dentists have a broad variety of topics to blog about, including mouth maintenance tips, scientific breakthroughs, and dietary information. Topical keywords or your areas of specialization are also strong subjects to consider writing on. Your blogs will also add additional keywords to your site, helping search engines respect you as the authority figure in your industry that you are.


The seven tips above can help transform a dental practice with mediocre SEO ratings into a leader in their local market.

If you would like to learn more about how you can improve the rankings of your website contact us for your free consultation.

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The Importance of SEO to Car Accident Lawyers

With all of the competition out there, it’s easy to see why so many car accident attorneys are having problems in the workplace and it’s even more prevalent on the world wide web. In our experience, a city like Calgary, Alberta seems to have so many car accident lawyers all battling to get clients offline and online. In this case, how is it possible for you to stand out above the rest?

The answer, my friend, is (SEO), otherwise known as search engine optimization, this is the way to assist your law firm in becoming one of the most sought-after company’s online. Increasing your search engine rankings and grabbing the attention of potential clients. It’s been proven to work much better and will get you clients before your competitors have a chance to.


Why is SEO an Important Tool for Car Accident Attorneys to Have?

By having SEO services your law firm’s website will gain more attention on Google and various other search engines, allowing your potential clients to locate your site more easily. With so many people trying to find reliable legal advice online, you’ll be able to provide them with excellent legal representation when they can be directed to your website.

Aside from this, there are also many benefits associated with SEO.

Heightened Awareness of Brand.

When you’ve high search engine rankings, your website will pop up before any others get a chance to. This method of brand recognition pays off in the long run, especially when they’re browsing various sites and comparing them to one another. After all, how can they get you to represent them without knowing your law firm?

Has a Lower Cost

SEO services are tremendously cheaper than other marketing techniques, especially those involving the media. Even though SEO can take some time in the beginning, but in the grand scheme of things it pays to be patient. Those surfing the web using Google and various search engines for legal services are genuinely interested in your law firm – you only need to invite them into the virtual front door.

Tremendous Return On Investment

Low priced SEO services will give you the ability to achieve a more attractive ROI on your marketing funds. The more people who utilize your search engine along with being the highest on the list of search engine results is specially developed to generate more potential clients for you. In the long run, it creates a more significant amount of revenue at a low cost.

Does improved search engine results attract more clients?

The primary objective with SEO is to produce a higher search ranking. However, it does not stop there. The rankings are just a small part of the puzzle to bring in higher amounts of clients to your car accident law firm.

The result of having good search engine rankings is attracting more people to your personal site. With just the right keywords, browsers are directed to your company’s website. However, if you have low rankings – or are not located on the first page – you won’t get the kind of traffic you’re hoping for.

Traffic generated through SEO are actual customers who’re willing to pay for services and are searching for your company, not vice versa. These web browsers are explicitly looking for a car accident attorney when visiting your site and have been motivated to reach out to you. After they make the ultimate decision to contact you, it is a future client who’ll possibly come to you with their legal matters.

Are there SEO strategies which are better to use for car accident lawyers?

Just knowing the SEO advantages isn’t going the only thing that needs to be done – you also need to be strategically inclined as well. Something that’s specifically designed to generate more clients to your growing car accident firm.

Implementing Localized SEO

Even though many companies offer online services, personal representation and legal advice have to be performed face to face which is why many web browsers turn to law firms in their local area – having someone closer to where they live, makes it more convenient for the client.

To give your client base a more attractive appearance, there are a wide variety of options for you to use, which are just a hop, skip, and jump away including local SEO.

A great way to make your firm more attractive is to include contact information, like your car accident law firm’s location and telephone number, that’s located on the homepage, as well as others pages found on your site.

For additional assistance, you’re also able to create an account with Google My Business, this way Google knows where to place you in their search results. It also sets your company on Google Maps as well, making it easier for clients to locate your car accident firm and come to the office.

Create Top Quality, Reliable Content

One way in which that’ll help your law firm stand out from the rest is by showing others you know what you’re talking about. Putting your information on the world wide web is an excellent way for you to get recognized. You can also post informational articles, blog posts, and a variety of others as well. It helps clients to get further information about your car accident firm. Making them more receptive to the firm’s services after seeing all of your knowledge.

Choose Keywords That Emphasize Your Area Of Expertise

Since your law firm specializes in car accident injury cases, it limits the number of people who’re considered to be potential clients. One way that makes your chances better is ranking for keywords. If your firm was located in Calgary Alberta, something like “Car accident lawyer in Calgary” is a great way to get started. One way to receive rankings for keywords is by posting on your personal blog and in articles which improves your strategical way of thinking and has much better results as well.

In Conclusion

In today’s world, Google and other search engines are essential tools for marketing. Without better site rankings, you won’t get the traffic necessary for helping your company to expand. The truth of the matter is, SEO is the best option for success.

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How to develop a marketing strategy that keeps up with the technology


It’s no secret that social media is used nowadays to create beautiful marketing masterpieces. Notable companies across the web have turned to social media to market their brand, increase sales, and grow the community surrounding their products.


The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others has gone mainstream. Nowadays, before news becomes news, it is being discussed on social media. The sooner you become part of the conversation, the better chances you have to influence public perception.




How do I develop a marketing strategy that is on par with latest technologies?

In the past, if a customer issued a complaint, not taking action or completely ignoring it didn’t have any effect on your bottom line because complaints couldn’t be measured. In today’s digital age, social media fosters a transparent conversation between customers and brands.

But tweeting and sharing is not enough to make your business go global. Brands should focus more on a key piece of the social media puzzle: social media management. Brands need social media management to establish brand authority and develop stellar digital marketing strategies. Otherwise they won’t be able to track and use data that is relevant to their client base.


Social media management – a fundamental aspect of your marketing strategy


Tracking keywords all on your own is the best thing you can do to locate controlled target groups in a convenient and efficient way. As you go deeper into managing social media, you’ll learn what techniques match with your business mantra, and what techniques should be avoided. Keep an eye on your core goals, and work your way to:


  • Generate leads
  • Build brand awareness with analytics
  • Track brand mentions
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Increase ROI


Once you’ve clearly outlined the concepts mentioned above, the next step is to use the data collected to design a strategy. How often do you get notifications with mentions about your brand on Facebook or Twitter? We know that feels amazing, but did you know that many people forget to add the “@” when posting on social media?


Without the “@” you will be missing out on a lot of conversations that are directly linked to your business. To avoid that from happening, you need to hone your current approach.



Learn what works and what doesn’t when developing a marketing strategy


If you don’t pay attention to the growth of your brand, and treat it as a core performance indicator, you can’t know for sure what clicks and what doesn’t. If the goal is to gather people and keep them around, you must become their go-to guy in the field.


How do you do that? With the help of top-notch content! Marketing done successfully is all about targeting the right people and offer them the right product. The exact same thing applies to content. Praising your product and shouting out loud that it’s the best is not enough to grab their attention.


Address a problem each time you craft a piece of content, and enter the minds of your prospects to understand their core needs. But if mind-reading is not exactly your thing, use metrics and analytics to make things easier. Start by assessing the market (amount of people) and intelligence (content) active on social media. It will help you profile your prospects, so that you can ultimately have a targeted audience.




Leverage technology and use to your advantage


Begin by admitting that there’s a gap between utilization and availability. Marketers often don’t realize that some barriers don’t allow them to attain marketing technology goals. Almost all B2Cs admit that the main impediment to success for brand is lack of technological integration. Only 37% know what they’re doing.


Both the IT department of your company and your marketing team should work together; they should be in alignment and collaborate efficiently to spot needs; so that they can cater to them, and come up with a goal; and ultimately with a solution. If you’re having issues understanding how marketing is done right these days, a web agency based in London may provide you with some assistance. It’s always better to get help than end up incapable of living up to the competition.



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6 Point Technical SEO Checklist for Non-Developers

Search engine optimization is the one word you hear when it comes to managing your website and gaining traffic. Is SEO really important when it comes to running an online business with a website? The answer is yes! Search engines like Google and Bing can easily crawl the websites which are structured and indexed well. Technical SEO includes all the practices which maximize the site usability for the potential customers.

An SEO audit is required to check what factors are hindering the progress of your website. This audit assesses how search engine friendly your site is, and helps you to identify the technical issues which are preventing your site’s visibility. For bloggers and non-developers with low technical skills, SEO audit is a better way to implement the changes. Optimizing all the technical issues will rectify the mistakes and improve your website chance at getting better results.


Technical-seoIn order to show the website in Search engine result pages, search engines need to be able to crawl and index your pages. Utilizing sitemaps helps to list every URL on your site by which search engines can easily crawl your site content. The other text files which help crawlers tell if they can or cannot access content are robots.txt files. Optimize them to your convenience and select which data you need to give access.

Check the pages which are indexed by search engines at domain.com that will give the number of pages which are disallowed for indexing. Review the pages and make sure that all the important resources can be crawlable.

URL Optimization

In search engines like websites with short URLs you can add explanatory content. Title tag and Meta descriptions come later with detailed information. Having unnaturally long URLs with non-ASCII characters is sure to cause the indexation problems. Do not change URLs if they are performing well irrespective of the length.

If a URL is changed it will create a 301 redirect from the new site to old site and it does not always send positive vibes to the audience. It will directly affect the rankings for a period of time. Change the URLs if your website is not performing well. Never over optimize the URLs or stuff keywords into them. It will cause more damage to your site than help.

URLs should demonstrate site structure and hierarchy to perform well. Use hyphens to separate words than underscores as Google cannot recognize underscores so it treats it as a single word.


Speed of Website

The performance of the website is the biggest ranking factor when it comes to SERPs. The website and pages in it should load fast as it is the key to retain the audience or consumers. A slow site is defiantly bad for conversions, and Google do not rank such sites to be on top even if they have great content.

There are a lot of ways to optimize and speed up a website. The pages do not load faster mainly because of the heavy images and plug-ins used. Remove all the unnecessary widgets and ads which slow down your network. Simplify the codes and keep only the necessary coding to run the site. Setting a browser’s cache increases the website speed as it remembers the pages which are frequently visited.

Duplicate Content

Google actually penalizes websites for duplicate content quality. The main reason for this issue is that having duplicate content confuses the search engines when they are trying to find relevant searches for given keyword. Having duplicate content slows down website traffic too. Take the help of Google search console to find duplicate content under Meta descriptions and title tags too. Rewrite or remove the duplicate content for every single page and image. Though the process takes very long duration it is very important to identify duplicate content and optimize it.

Mobile Friendly

With a lot of marketing and blogs shifting their base from desktop to mobile use, Google has decided to rank pages with mobile-first indexing. It means that websites will be ranked based on how compatible they are with mobile viewing. It is very important to optimize your website to responsive designs to make it mobile-friendly.

Mobile optimization involves optimizing website design, loading time of the pages, the structure of the site and the ease of access from mobiles. Simplify the website design and remove unnecessary plug-ins which are not mobile compatible. Make use of HTML instead of Flash to create special effects as flash does not run on all mobiles.

Content Optimization

An SEO audit should definitely check the content quality and optimize every page of the website. Even if the site has strong content it should be effectively optimized to drive more traffic. It should be absolutely necessary to check if the keyword is in the title as it is very important. The keyword should possibly appear once in the Meta description and first paragraph too.

The SEO audit checks if the content is unique and original first. Creative content with good ideas get ranked higher. The uploaded content should be informative, useful and relevant to the topic discussed on the page. The content should always be directed at the consumer and engage them till the end.

This SEO checklist is mostly directed at non-developers with minimum technical knowledge. With lots of analytical tools available on the internet for free, it is very much possible to optimize their websites with some effort and time.


Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with Web World Experts. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have the keen interest in Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Application Development technology, etc.