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Tips For Redesigning Your Website

Tips For Redesigning Your Website

redesigning your website

Before you begin thinking about redesigning your website, you should know what your goals are. What goals are you trying to achieve with the redesign? What is the cost of redesigning your website? What metrics will you be tracking to determine whether the redesign was successful? What is your overall ROI? What metrics are most important to you? Let’s take a closer look. Listed below are some tips on website redesign. The information below is not meant to replace your existing website.

Goals of a website redesign

The goal of any website redesign is to increase attraction. A better website should generate more traffic than an outdated one. This means that the content on a new site should be more targeted, optimized, and structured in a way that attracts relevant visitors. You can measure these metrics with the help of marketing automation software. If you do not use marketing automation software, you can track your leads manually. Make sure to set specific time frames for the goals and measures.

The content on a website is the main factor that draws users and influences them to scroll through its pages. Besides providing product descriptions, content should also feature professional images. Use singular language to convey the business’ image to your visitors. The website redesign process can be lengthy and involving. Make sure to prioritize the most crucial goals. Your goals may differ from the needs of your customers. Identifying these goals is a vital step in the process of website redesign.

Common requests for a website redesign

Many business owners ask for a website redesign for a variety of reasons. They may have discussed certain areas for months, and have since forgotten about specific changes they need made. These requests should be addressed by the website designer early in the process. You can include the following items in your project request:

A timeline for the redesign should be established. Set your goal, and then break the goals down into sub-goals. Make sure each goal includes actual numbers, or metrics that will help you gauge the success of the redesign in the future. Make sure to provide the timeline ahead of time, in case there are any pressing events. Keeping in mind that it may take a while to launch the new site, try to allow time for it to go through a few test steps before launching it.

Cost of a website redesign

The average cost of a website redesign depends on many factors. A website that is too simple will cost you more money than one that is complex. The more traffic a website receives, the more resources it will require to host it. A website that loads slowly will not attract many customers, and you need to fix it immediately. A slight improvement in load time can dramatically increase your conversion rates. But the real question is how much money does it really cost? Read on to find out.

Various factors influence the cost of a website redesign. If the deadline is tight, you might need a faster turn around. For instance, if you need a new website in a hurry, you will likely have to pay a rush fee. A website redesign also varies greatly in price based on the platform and partner you choose. You will want to consider all of these factors when setting a budget for a website redesign.

Metrics to track for success of a website redesign

The process of a website redesign is full of activity, from wireframes to mockups to development and functionality. Once your redesign is finished, you’ll need to monitor your new site for success and track its metrics. There are many metrics that can help you gauge the success of your website redesign. Consider the following tips:

Conversion Rate. The goal of any website redesign is to increase conversions. However, tracking conversions is difficult, especially if you’re running a nonprofit or non-business website. A better way to measure the success of your redesign is to determine if it has resulted in a higher newsletter signup rate or higher sales. When determining your website’s success, consider what counts as a conversion.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke – Owner of Wildfire Marketing  and foremost expert in building and redesigning websites.