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Peachland Museum

Peachland Museum

Peachland, British Columbia is a small town located between Kelowna and Westbank. Most people have probably never heard of it and don’t even know that it’s home to one of Canada’s most interesting museums. Treasures from Peachland are hidden within its rolling hills and forests — many are known only by the people who live there. It’s these secrets that make up Peachland’s hidden historical treasure. You can visit the museum at 5890 Beach Ave, Peachland, BC V0H 1X7.

The People of Peachland: Their Lives and Culture
The people of Peachland have left a rich legacy to the province of British Columbia. They’ve been a part of communities of many sizes, but have always been a part of a larger community, such as Peachland Museum. Peachland’s residents sent over 3,000 people to fight in the Second World War, and many of them went on to fight for Canada’s independence in the First World War. One of the most interesting aspects of Peachland’s history is the diversity of its people. Many have come from other provinces and countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. In recent years, more people have come to Peachland from other parts of Canada and abroad, creating a rich global community.

The Underground Railroad: A Civil War Heritage
The underground railroad was the term used by fugitive slaves to escape to Canada, where they found freedom. Peachland is a hidden treasure trove of artifacts that tell the story of how fugitive slaves got to Canada. During the American Civil War, a series of safe houses were established along the Underground Railroad. These safe houses were run by brave and resourceful fugitive slaves, who risked their lives to save others. A cabinet in Peachland’s museum preserves artifacts from one of these safe houses, including a suitcase that contained guns and documents that are now archived at the University of B.C. The safe house and the people who ran it have given Peachland Museum’s visitors an intimate glimpse into the lives and fears of fugitive slaves. You can learn about fugitive slaves’ journeys and their safe houses by visiting our Underground Railroad exhibit.

Canada’s First Colony: A Story of German Settlement
In the mid-1800s, many German settlers came to Peachland, an area that’s now part of the Okanagan Valley. They brought with them tales of the Rhineland, a region in Germany that was known for the production of grapes and wine. The Germans planted grape vines near Peachland’s Okanagan Lake, creating a bustling vineyard town that’s now known as the “Wine Capital of Canada.” Today, the Grape Capital is just a fraction of its former self, and many of the historic buildings have been turned into museums that tell the story of the region’s past. The most popular and well-known of these museums is the Peachland Museum. The museum is home to a collection of historical artifacts that trace Peachland’s past and present.

Current Projects at Peachland Museum
Peachland Museum is looking to raise funding to expand its current projects, including its Underground Railroad exhibit. In the Underground Railroad exhibit, visitors learn about fugitive slaves’ safe houses and their journeys to Canada, where they gained their freedom. The museum is also planning to expand its current Ghost Tour, which tells the story of the town’s history and the hauntings that have been reported. The museum is hoping to start a monthly Ghost Tours program, which would take visitors on a regular tour of the town.

The people of Peachland have a unique and diverse history, which is very well reflected in the museums of the region. The museums are a great place to learn about the people who live in Peachland and the history of the region. If you have the chance, don’t miss visiting the Peachland Museum. You’ll be glad you did. Learn more 


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