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5 Awesome tools for better and smarter SEO Campaign


There’s no doubt that raising your brand’s awareness and boosting its visibility across all media channels is not a ride in a park. Besides having a sound, meticulously planned content marketing strategy, you still need to have a well-organised team and the right set of tools that will help you manage your SEO campaign with ease. In today’s demanding marker with new tools being developed every day, it’s difficult to choose the ones that will leverage your business and give your team ability to maximize their potential. To help you make the right choice, we’ve rounded up a set of tools that will leverage your SEO campaign and help you keep your team focused and on the same page.

Google Analytics



Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics service in the world. With Google Analytics, you can do an in-depth content analysis and gain an insight into which elements on your website aren’t performing. Also, you will get to know who your audience is, how those people reached your website, what they explored. It gives you the ability to track multiple sites, monitor social networking activity and measure performance. The best part is that it enables you to allocate your budget in a  smarter way and run a specific budget increase/decrease report and understand what impact other investments have on your budget.


Haro, which stands for a help a reporter out is the most popular sourcing service which allows you and your team to find sources for a news article when you don’t know where to look or when you are searching for a first-hand experience.  While bloggers and experts use it for free, reporters pay to use this service. Reporters post ads for the type of content they need for their upcoming article. It allows you to choose most relevant topics to your company to subscribe to. The way how it works is very simple. Once you sign in and provide information about your company, you start getting emails with media opportunities. It also allows your team to run agile project management and reach invaluable information that will help them manage their campaign.


ActiveCollab is a simple yet powerful creative agency management software perfectly designed for professional teams no matter what their location is. It allows you to delegate your tasks across the team, and track their progress by using its fantastic feature called time-tracking. Also, it lets your team communicate and comment directly on their tasks. It also helps you bring clients on board and collaborate. What distinguishes it from other tools is its incredible ability to let your clients become an integral part of any project by allowing them to have a clear overview of your activities and invoice in just a few clicks. ActiveCollab starts at $25 dollars a month.


A mention is an excellent tool which gives you the opportunity to get live updates about your brand from the web and social media. Mention is an alternative to Google Alerts that help you visualize your online presence, and monitor millions of sources online in 42 languages. This enables you to react, interact, attract customers and build your brand awareness. With Mention, you can become proficient at managing digital projects and receive a daily mail informing you about aggregate of mentions from the previous day. Mention helps build relationships, generate leads and protect your reputation. Mention has a cost-free plan where you can track up to 500 mentions per month for your personal or brand name.


Buzzstream is a relationship and outreach CRM that allows you to manage and grow a large volume of outreach campaigns if used correctly. BuzzStream discovers contact information, social profiles, and site metrics for you. It enables you to prioritize the most important, influential contacts and automatically saves your emails and tweets. Also, it lets you set reminders to follow-up. BuzzStream gives your entire team one centralized database to work from which means that you’ll never lose track of a project or conversation again. Plus, you can collaborate with teammates, share notes, and keep projects organized.


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