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Okanagan Rail Trail Access & Oyama Boat Launch

Okanagan Rail Trail Access & Oyama Boat Launch

Okanagan Rail Trail Access & Oyama Boat Launch British Columbia, Lake Country, popular trail for camping. It is located at 15464-15516 Oyama Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 2A2.

Okanagan Rail Trail Access & Oyama Boat Launch British Columbia Location Map
The Okanagan Rail Trail is located in British Columbia’s South-Central region, and runs for about 100 km from the North end of Sechelt Inlet at Oyama, through the City of Penticton and ending at Okanagan Falls. The Trail has 32 bridges and 163 structures including 2 tunnel structures with a total length of approximately 60 km. The Trail starts in the North end of Sechelt Inlet, adjacent to the Village of Oyama and adjacent to the City of Penticton. The Trail ends at the City of Kelowna at the junction with the Trans Canada Trail, at the entrance to the Okanagan Falls Provincial park. There are other access points along the Trail as well, between Oyama and Kelowna.

What is the Okanagan Rail Trail?
The Okanagan Rail Trail follows the historic railway corridor that was operated by the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway between 1911 and 1955. The Trail is a public-use rail-trail and is maintained by the Okanagan Rail Trail Society. The Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail and is designated as such by Transportation Canada. The Trail is a multi-use trail open to hikers, cyclists, equestrians, and, in some areas, off-road motorized use. The Trail is generally level, with some gentle grades and gentle curves. The Trail is paved in places, generally between Oyama and Kelowna. In many places, the Trail widens and becomes an unobstructed path for walking, running, and cycling – suitable for most levels of fitness.

Okanagan Rail Trail Oyama Boat Launch access
The nearest parking lot to the Oyama boat launch (see map above) is at the Penticton Fishing and Outdoor Centre, 300 100th Street, Penticton BC, where there is a small parking lot next to the boat launch.

There are other parking lots along the Trail in Oyama and Kelowna, but they are generally quite fitfully used and full of broken glass, and so probably not a very good idea.

Why is it great to hike, bike and horse along the Okanagan Rail Trail?
The reason to walk, bike and horse the Okanagan Rail Trail is that you are hiking alongside the rail corridor, often adjacent to the old rail right-of-way, and you get to see a lot of interesting and scenic things while you are doing it. The rail corridor has been used by trains and road traffic since the start of the 20th Century, and its many structures have been built, rebuilt and adapted over the years. In addition, the rail corridor is a natural corridor for many kinds of wildlife, and you may see wildlife such as deer, coyotes, wolverines, black-tailed prairie dogs, and condors.

Final Words
Hiking and biking the Okanagan Rail Trail is a great way to see and enjoy the beauty of British Columbia. If you are looking for a place to camp along the trail, there are many public campgrounds and backcountry camping areas along the trail. However, if you would like to avoid camping in these areas, there are many good lodging options in Kelowna, Penticton and elsewhere in the region.
If you are visiting the trail during the spring or summer, be aware that the weather can change quite rapidly and can be very unpredictable. It is important to have proper equipment and know how to use it, and also be prepared to pick up and move your campsite as needed. In general, the Trail is safe, but it is important to use proper precautions and follow common sense safety rules when hiking or biking the Trail.


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